Day Twenty Eight & Twenty Nine – Nucleus bags packed and onto the next chapter

Posted on August 3, 2011


The Month over…

…and what a month it was!

  • Unreal progress
  • Great Fun
  • 3/4 businesses are in good shape and now looking forward towards the build stage
  • Lots of Learning
  • Some great yarns and outings

And most of all considered a success by all involved!

So if we look back over just over a month we went from this:

To this:


We will show a reflection post at a later date!

For all those who have been following us. Thanks for tuning in!!! It has been an invaluable month. Watchout for Wevesting and walkthroos and sign up to their landing pages to be a part of there journey at: or

As far as Josh & Adam go. They do not have names for their products per se. However we are really looking forward to see their developments. They are both in exciting fields.

Thanks for all those who supported us over the month! And to those who are thinking about doing something like this! Go and do it!

Below is a clip from the presentations on Friday night (Wevesting pitch). Our final clip of the whole month will be a while away however it will be a good watch so make sure you check up on our blog in a couple of weeks.

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