Day Twenty-Two (2): Nucleus Showcase

Posted on July 25, 2011


The Nucleus presented their progress to a small group today, which consisted of Nick Laird, David Quinn, and some interested uni students. The event had originally been organized to include other members of the Otago faculty as well as many of the Audacious participants; however, the weather forced us to push the larger event back in the week.

The key takeaways from the event were as follows:

  • Clarify, clarify, and clarify again your purpose. It never pays when your goals are ambiguous. Today, the boys talks were trying to do too much; they sought to explain their process and their idea at once, which proved to be too complicated
  • Distill your concept down to one simple, and easily presentable, value proposition
  • Use slides appropriately, such that the power point enhances your presentation and doesn’t detract from it. Use simple graphics and very little text.
  • Speak clearly and confidently
  • Tell a story; be passionate

The nucleus is presenting their businesses in a twenty-minute-ten-slide format later the week. Much work lies ahead, but the crew is confident that they will be ready. Mike and Campbell hope to do several practice pitches, so if you’d like to sit in, we’d love to have you!
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