Day Twenty: Pitch Advice

Posted on July 23, 2011


The boys worked hard today.
Chris and Campbell completed their research video, while Josh spent the day studying the current bitcoin market competition. Mike worked on getting his pitch to under 100 words, as per the video the boys watched via Andrew Warner’s

The key takeaways from the Warner’s Oren Klaff interview were:

  • Treating a pitch as a game.
  • Seizing control of the room and “prizing” yourself such that your product becomes the prize and the capital is but a commodity
  • Recognizing the pivotal role that human interaction plays in a pitch, and removing any unnecessary barriers that impede free flowing and natural interaction
  • Create tension and novelty to guarantee maximum attention
  • Channel Don Draper a la “kabuki


Campbell & Chris quickly knocked up a logo for demonstration-al purposes. It will be interesting how this evolves.

Mike’s got a half decent logo now:





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