Day Seventeen: Discussions, Reading, and Galavanting.

Posted on July 22, 2011


Another day in the Nucleus with great ideas brewing!!!! The day started off with a big open discussion on Josh’s Idea. He showed some concerns about certain aspects of his idea. Unsure of whether they were significant enough to be a problem, or whether they are just a challenge. The power of the Nucleus pulled through again. An indepth critique session took place between Josh and Mike that cleared some of the confusion and provided some direction. From this discussion a new path had developed that saw a new aspect of Josh’s platform develop. An additional service that will cater to all and would accomodate the typical Techy type user from the bitcoin community.

Mike after helping Josh immensely, dived back into security law reading. This man is basically study for a law degree! His head has been down and he is becoming somewhat a wealth of knowledge. Despite this, he still feels like it is a never ending mountain, filled with difficult interpretations.

Campbell on the other hand has been out and about, covering some ground! He is still nailing those interviews, getting into the heads of his users. He has reaffirmed his problem is international, however he does believe he needs to start moving away from the gym user and exploring other potential users. Apart from this, Chris and Campbell have been working on a video. They are really starting to think of how to communicate effectively to their users. Inform them how their product will work.


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