Day Fifteen: An Outside Perspective

Posted on July 18, 2011


From the outside…

The lads, having been working their buts off. It is good to see such progress. The first day I dropped in to say ‘G’Day’ I was told by Campbell ‘Bezos’ to be quiet. These Lads are serious, but after they had finished their power hour of work. I was able to suck up some on the culture developing in Nucleus.
I was the first causality from this space, due to other commitments that I am involved with I was unable to slot into the New York style lot.  The lads have shown what weakens a crew can only make them stronger. (Which has happened, some exciting businesses are brewing)
In my interactions, I have see ideas – grow, change, nearly get put down and then resuscitated to exuberant life.
What a journey that is unfolding at the Nucleus, half way through, I look forward to seeing the next two weeks unfold.
– Adam
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