Day Twelve: Fun at Malbas

Posted on July 16, 2011


Day 12: A big day in the office today and we called off early for our Friday evening event and some fun at Malbas bar. The Nucleus crew attended the Audacious-sponsored event and had a great time talking and laughing with fellow young entrepreneurs. The atmosphere was laid back, but there was a real sense that something special was happening in the room.

Most of the Audacious contestants entered the event confused and unsure of themselves, their ability to build their product, and the process in which they were to go about doing it. However, by the time the 4 hour event was over, the feeling of confidence and excitement in the room was palpable. Many remarked that it felt reassuring to know that like-minded people with similar aspirations even existed, and that they weren’t crazy for wanting to change the world.

The Nucleus crew looks forward to the next Audacious sponsored event. But in the meantime, it’s back to work…

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