Day Eleven: Dress like an idiot day

Posted on July 14, 2011


This morning the team got a pleasant surprise Josh tuned up as a nun. We had all forgotten about the dress code for the day so Mike and Campbell quickly got some gears on to keep in spirit. Mike dressed as Joe Dirt, and Campbell a disco junkie. Josh definitely took out best dressed.

Josh in his Nun outfit

Mike and Campbell looking good over lunch

Today was a day of good old hard work. All teams knuckled down and did dome more conceptualizing.

Mike made contact with securities lawyers in the UK, Canada and he is meeting with a local lawyer. It is amazing who you can get to when you need to that bad! And this was exactly what he needed! In the afternoon Mike looked into some programming info.

Josh continued to make a complex wireframe today. He has kept in low key and we are looking forward to his presentation tomorrow! We wait in anticipation!

Campbell interviewed a Crossfit trainer, and met with NZ institute of sport entrepreneur who is also targeting a different sector in the sports industry. In the afternoon Campbell and Chris analysed their recent interviews and summarised the results.

Tomorrow we are into team presentations infront of a few invited guests. This should be quite revealing! Each team is starting to move out of the idea stage. Our new found Nucleus companies are looking highly scalable and very exciting.

Check in tomorrow night to get a summary of the presentations!

And remember: “I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big.”
Uncle Donald Tump

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