Day Ten: Critiques and Kebabs

Posted on July 13, 2011


Day Ten began with the Nucleus members critiquing each other’s performance thus far, and outlining their plans for the day and their goals for the week.

Everyone felt much more grounded afterwards.

Josh continues to build on his pivot; he had a tremendously productive day, creating some great-looking wireframes for his bitcoin site. His product has gone from a concept, to a full wire frame in a matter of two days!

Campbell continued his work on his product, researching the size of his industry and comparing his value proposition with that of his competitors. It was a high-level day for him,  in which he took a step back and examined his overall strategy.

Mike’s last few days have been characterized by highs and lows. The true power of the Nucleus was apparent today when Mike was stuck in determining how to reward his customers within his investing service. The group got together, bounced ideas off each other and was able to come up with a truly innovative answer! The group was really excited and the energy in the room was tangible! However, as with the previous iteration of his concept, there continue to be concerns about the legal parameters of this idea as well. (But nothing that the Nucleus won’t be able to conquer!)

The group had a great lunch break at the local kebab joint. It was a beautiful day and it was nice to spend a few minutes outside.

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