Day Eight: Mixed Emotions

Posted on July 11, 2011


The day started off with a doom and gloom outlook for Josh and Mike. Emotions were down at what seemed to be potential road blocks for their projects. Mike was caught up with what seemed a mountain that is securities law. Likewise, Josh was faced with a stop sign in regards to patents.

Campbell is still carrying on with his energetic fast paced development. Having a full fledged wireframe of his idea completed for the users side. Getting out into the community and completing in-depth quality user interviews. All of which are presenting favorable results that are supporting his concept nicely.


Mike went out and shared a beer with guru economist and founder of 1000 Minds Paul Hanson as well as, Audacious business coach David Quinn. A different person emerged at the Nucleus for our evening catch up. Filled with smiles, Mike had discussed and found a way around what seemed to be the mountain of securities law. Having discussed potential issues he believed he was infringing on Paul suggested a different approach that has turned his mountain into what can be considered a small grassy knole. Something that should be a walk in the park for our coffee drinking canadian.

David Quinn was present for our evening overview and provided Josh with some positive direction. Ideas were discussed about a complete open source idea for his product that gets around the problem of patents. (Although they are ment to help and protect ideas, they really do the complete opposite) Having said this Josh had been discussing the idea of Bitcoins lately and could be on one of the biggest pivots of the group!!!! Directly related to the problems he has faced throughout his creative career. A solution that looks to remove government regulation and provide people the opportunity to pursue their ideas regardless of location and supported by likeminded peers.

Although the day started with charcoals the day really saw sparks and there is a new fire brewing in The Nucleus. The boys are pumped and amping to push through to Day 9…………

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