Day Five: Feasibility and a Birthday

Posted on July 9, 2011


The Nucleus members met with Luke Reid to pitch their business ideas. Their ideas were scrutinized and their feasibility was challenged. For Josh and Mike, the exercise marked a shift towards a greater focus on Product Development.  As the team knows, Product and Customer Development should have a symbiotic relationship.

From this, Josh took away that he needs to perform a comprehensive patent search of similar product designs to his own.

The group determined that Mike needs to focus on the regulatory framework legality of his idea. This will determine which aspects of his product he should focus on validating.

Campbell had a very productive day, spending most of it in the field. He managed to interview 4 personal trainers and engage each of them for over 45 minutes! He is getting some very positive feedback. His energy is palpable.

Day 5 also marked Adam’s birthday, so the team got together for a much needed break. Pizza was enjoyed and a few beers were had. And then it was back to work.

Some great feasibility work my Mike


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