Day Three

Posted on July 7, 2011



Day three kicked off with informal internal presentations of the nucleus groups ideas. The boys pitched their ideas to be objectively criticized. Although challenging the boys found it a great exercise.

Mike did a fantastic job telling a very convincing story of the need and vision for his idea. His idea was very compelling and the story he told presented an exciting concept that could really create significant social movements. From the pitch the nucleus highlighted some critical issues he should focus on and assisted in providing him direction to go forward.

Campbell kicked his presentation off with a bang as usual. He did find it difficult to convey his idea clearly. However, with the assistance of the nucleus we assisted him in breaking the idea to its core elements. His idea evolved immensely from the discussions that were had and a significant realisation that the emphasis is not really goals, but tasks and activities.

He has been pushing hard and is really starting to gain traction. The walls are rapidly filling with material and the nucleus loft is starting to evolve. Great work is starting to be produced with work such as the profiling of potential users.

Josh pitched his idea and discussed the positive feedback he has been receiving from his customer survey. Results so far have been exactly what has been needed. Users do believe it is a problem, there is mixed perspectives on how they would like to adopt it, more importantly they would be willing to pay for it and pay a higher than expected price for it. All great feedback so far, yet it was discussed the forums that were targeted are likely first adopters. Direction from the group suggested hitting up random blogs to gauge perspectives from everyday pc users, as opposed to the tech forums that have been targeted.

The afternoon was great big DQ came in for a visit to hear our progress. He provided beers for the occasion and was hit with some video interviews. The presentations blew him away and had nothing but great things to say about what is going down at the nucleus.

Great input was provided by the man and suggested some great direction. Josh has been told to get on and approach some people to start looking into product development. He is focused on this and is looking to produce a 3d printed prototype next week. Campbells idea was pitched for the first time and he is now really focused on identifying the tasks or activities his specialist customers provide. Michael is pushing forward with gathering a following and launching a landing page.

Things are starting to gain momentum and everyone is looking forward to day 4……

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