Day Four: Pivots & Pool

Posted on July 7, 2011


Today in the Nucleus the teams were very focused after yesterdays pitches which provided a great reality check.

Last nights pitches, beers and interviews were history and it was time to re-strategise the next move for all teams.

Josh was a bit slow off the mark today due to a late night at the Casino and the other teams managed to get ahead. No doubt a lesson learnt. Although rumour has it, Josh is shouting the Nucleus Pizzas tomorrow night with his winnings… Josh did show off his pool skills by placing 2nd in todays comp.

Campbell’s team made a break through pivot today, and they are well prepped to go and interview a few of their potential customers tomorrow. His plan is looking much more focused and sound after yesterdays pitch. He is pretty excited.

Meanwhile when Mike wasn’t sculling jugs of his 5 star coffee. Mike was blogging and connecting with potential customers online. He finished the day by putting up customer personas in order to really get into his customers shoes. You’ll find that Mike’s feet are itching to get out of the building tomorrow and talk to his targeted demographic.

So far the week has consisted of long hours for the teams, with most teams spending roughly 12 hours in the Nucleus a day. It is day 4 and every team can’t believe it has only been 4 days. The progress to date has been great, which makes for a very exciting 26 days to come.

Josh missing another shot

To lighten the load and freshen up each team battled it out on the pool table. Campbell unsurprisingly took out the comp  with the best win/loss ratio. However he has only won a battle, not the war. It was a productive evening. Mark Suster’s Stanford talk was screened on the projector and his counter argument to the Eric Ries Lean Start up model was enjoyed.

A fun day again. The banter was high. The teams are on track to get out of the building again tomorrow and make some more progress. Below is a video of Mike taking the piss out of cliche’ start up ‘me too’ role play videos.

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