Day Two

Posted on July 5, 2011


Internal drama, data collection and business canvases characterized of Day 2 at the Nucleus.

Adam is currently attempting to sort out his affiliation with the Nucleus, entangled with a prior commitment, while Josh met with his supervisor to discuss the submission of his master’s of design thesis. We hope to have both boys in the Nucleus all day tomorrow.

It was a quiet morning for Campbell and me. After our morning meeting, in which we mapped out our day’s goals, we worked diligently in the cold Nucleus to the quiet purr of the glowing space heater.

I spent the large part of the morning analysing my survey data and was able to gain key insights into my potential users. I attempted to create customer personas (“David” and “Sarah“), and will work of this more tomorrow. I hope to have several customer personas on the wall – faces and all – so as to be able to “speak” directly to my customer segments.

Campbell spent a few hours in the field speaking to customers with Chris, while I filled out my first business model canvas. It is clear to me that I need to better engage my customers. I want to build my product around my users. In order to to this, I need to convince them of the power of my idea. What I am currently struggling with is the fear of divulging too much of my idea prior to actually building it (I know, I know…a rookie mistake, yet, it is still something I am having a hard time shaking).

In the coming days, I hope to create a landing page (and blog) describing with a wireframe of its features (or perhaps a simple schematic outlining its core principals). I will seek to drive traffic to this sight (free 75$ adwords) and grow a customer base. This morning I was afraid of being honest about the stage of development I am in (out of fear that a competitor could snatch up my ideas and build my product before me) but by this afternoon I realized that what is most important is that my users are actively involved in the construction of Quite simply, they won’t be as involved if I’ve faked the existance of my site (with a screenshot heavy and coming-soon!” / “nearly launched” landing page). I have decided to come to terms with the fact that others will know about my idea before I have fully built it, and trust that only I can realize my vision for this product. Having users excited about being involved in my the construction of my product, having identified with its core values, aims and goals, would not only be incredibly exciting, but it would mean complete product validation.

We pitch our ideas tomorrow afternoon. Day 3 awaits…

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